What’s in your closet?

So I’ve gotten several questions about my clothes, hair, lashes, makeup, etc. Today I’m going to talk about my clothes or my style you could say.

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Throughout elementary school, I never understood why all the girls wore bell bottom jeans and rolled them to their knees. I never understood why every girl in middle school needed a pair of Etnies or Phat Farm’s. Or how in high school every girl started wearing maxi dresses or even leather jackets. (I mean come on chafing in maxi dresses is BRUTAL)

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Now was I one of these girls? Absolutely. Almost everyone I know can admit to following a fashion trend especially when they’re younger trying to figure out who they are or who they want to be. As I went through college I began to realize I could wear whatever the hell I wanted when I wanted. Sure I could get ideas from the latest trends, I could get opinions from my roommates and friends, but what was most important was being able to feel GOOD in what I liked.

Let’s just say I don’t have any “one style”. You can find me anywhere from ripped jeans with vans or converse, high waisted dress pants with a turtle neck, or just workout leggings and a workout crop. I guess it all depends on my mood and the occasion, but really it’s pretty RANDOM.

Now to get into the details that everyone is really looking for.. where? My absolute FAVORITE store that I think gets underrated is Aerie. Aerie has become my go to place for just about everything but jeans. They have the cutest sweaters, shirts, joggers, underwear/bras, nightwear, etc. People think it’s mainly for bras and underwear but seriously check it out! Another place you would probably never think about for clothes is Amazon! I swear they have some really nice clothes and good quality! Just make sure to check the sizing before you order! As for workout clothes I go to many places that range from pretty cheap to pretty expensive. These places include Marshalls, Old Navy, Target, Lululemon, Athleta, and I swear by Booty By Brabants because they are the MOST COMFORTABLE LEGGINGS PEOPLE. Yes they have a weird texture but they never fall down and they are high waisted. (also Aerie has workout clothes!!) Now when it comes to brand name especially with shoes and workout clothes, I focus mainly on Adidas. You can find these either at the adidas outlet, Dicks, or Marshalls! I have grown to love this brand the most because, again, it’s the most comfortable. (and its cute!) I would also like to mention that when I have no idea what to wear one day… I look on Pinterest! They have so many different outfit ideas I love it!

The last thing I want to talk about (which anyone that knows me would agree with) is my BIGGEST weakness… SHOES. I know a lot of girls would probably admit to having this problem but seriously. I think I counted one day and I have almost 100 shoes maybe more. This has been my weakness almost my whole life. And now with a big girl job I have to REALLY stop myself from online advertising (because they know me so well) or just walking by a shoe store in the mall. It really is an issue and I’m working on it as best I can people. Anyways, I don’t even have any favorite kind or type of shoe because I wear so many. I have a million sneakers including Adidas, Nike, Vans, Converse. Others I have are Sperry’s, a million pairs of heels and sandals and boots. All of which come from various stores. I love finding something that’s “different” from the rest. I usually find randoms at Target or Marshalls! But the list goes on..

As I may see this as an issue, it’s also just straight up enjoyable. I f’n love shoes and that’s that. It may be an issue on my wallet… HOWEVER they’re what I love.

Wear what you love and love it on yourself. Be a punk. Be a girlie girl. Be a tom boy. Wear mom jeans. Be different. Be and wear what you want and feel comfortable in.

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Stay fruity,


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