What’s your hair game?

Since middle school I’ve never settled for any one hairstyle. Growing up with a cousin that was passionate about doing hair, it became easy and fun for me to get my hair done!

Same with clothes, I like to change it up. If you know me I don’t always enjoy change, but when it comes to hair I DO. You could say I’ve had various lengths, styles, and colors but I think I’m still discovering new ways as my cousin reveals them!

So, who is my cousin exactly? Gianna Tenaglia and she’s worked her butt off to be where she is today. She now has her own place called Revival Salon in Stoneham, MA. She recently became an NBR certified stylist. If you don’t know what NBR is, it’s Natural Beaded Rows that are basically extensions that look and feel natural, no damage. Did I end up getting this? Obviously. I couldn’t help myself. This is my most recent transformation and it is pictured at the end of this blog!

Aside from NBR, I am beyond lucky enough to have a cousin who is patient with me and can transform my hair into ANYTHING I want and I mean anything people. Sometimes I think she’s a miracle worker. One day I want dark brown and then weeks later I want bleach blonde and she somehow makes it happen. If you aren’t a stylist you wouldn’t know that this takes A LOT of work. But because my cousin works so hard and enjoys new ways of doing things, I think she enjoys the challenge. A lot of the time I just tell her to do whatever she thinks is best because I trust her that it will always come out dope. (and it does)

I am a firm believer in putting your money somewhere that it’s worth. (Even though I shouldn’t spend $40 on a shirt LOL) But when it comes to girl priorities, my hair is something I think is worth it. I think spending my money on my hair in order for it to look good, be healthy, and make me feel good is worth every penny. Especially when it’s professionally done. I can’t tell you the amount of times I’ve gotten people complaining about how much they are spending or how much I spend on my hair. Well? Sorry people but if you want it to look this good, you need to change your priorities! Just make sure it’s somewhere that is going to put in the time and effort! I get a lot of compliments on my hair and really I just pass them along to Gianna!

A lot of people ask me how I do my hair daily. I’m sure many of you know but my favorite way to style my hair is curled. People ask what I use so here it is.. I use the BaByliss Pro Nano Titanium curling iron. It is size 1 inch because that’s the size curl I love the most! You can find it at Sally’s or Amazon! I will curl my hair in sections and leave the curls tight. It isn’t until the end, when my whole head is curled, that I then run my fingers through all the curls! It spreads and untightens them, giving it fluff and more volume! Obviously finishing with a little bit of hairspray. I use the luminous Moroccan hairspray! People might think this is a lot of work but when you do it every day you get used to it! It actually only takes me about 15 minutes!  

The last thing I want to mention about hair is that YOU NEED to keep it healthy. I’ve dyed my hair more times than I can count and you do not want it getting damaged. Using Moroccan oil has definitely changed the way my hair feels. I’ve also struggled with dry scalp especially in the Winter time. I usually rub a little bit of coconut oil on it and it helps for a while.

Changing my hair gives me a fresh start and makes me happy! (self-care people) I get excited to get my hair done because most of the time I don’t know what I’m going to look like walking out of there! But that’s comfortable for me. I know many people will say they need their hair the same way, and that’s cool! That’s awesome finding something you’re comfortable with.

Long story short, my hair is one of my top priorities and I enjoy getting it done! I have a talented cousin who makes me love it more every time I go! (Seriously, hit her up people!) …..So, what’s your hair game?

Stay fruity,


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