Change of course?

As mentioned on my business/fitness Instagram page, the main question I constantly get asked is “why are you gluten free?”… Aside from some of my friends being gluten free, about a year ago now, a special person cautiously reached out to me about an amazing business opportunity- to work for a business called Arbonne. At first, just like any person, I was skeptical about it. However, I took a chance and continued the conversation with her! She told me a little bit more about the business and asked if I would be interested in getting on a call with her friend. As busy as I was, I thought why not it’s harmless right? The next morning I got on the call and it was only about 20 minutes long. We chatted about our interests and current life goals/jobs. These kinds of things were things I loved to chat about. Having goals in life is huge and I think it really promotes work ethic.

After chatting I told them I needed time to think about it. And that was one of the main issues.. TIME.. and of course.. MONEY. Would I have the time for this or the money? At the time I certainly didn’t have the money for it because I had just finished Grad School and was looking for a teaching job. Instead, I decided I would first host my own Arbonne party because you can learn more about Arbonne and have fun with your friends and family!

After my party I realized that this was a business and program that was a perfect fit for my lifestyle. I’m a dance/fitness instructor and enjoyed being active and sharing my fitness lifestyle. I was also determined to start eating the right foods for my body so I immediately went for the 28 days to healthy living program Arbonne offers. Before starting, I struggled a lot with stomach problems for a while that no doctor could diagnose, so I knew this could be a perfect opportunity to maybe figure that out. Arbonne’s healthy living program asks for gluten free, dairy free, non gmo, no artificial flavors, color, sugars, sweeteners, plant-based, grass-fed, etc. The list can go on and it may seem overwhelming at first but it is ACTUALLY possible. Last Summer I did the full 28-30 days and lost 10 pounds! Since last year I am down 20-25 pounds from when I ended Grad School, holy cow!

The nutritional products aren’t the only thing Arbonne offers. We also offer skin care, bath & body, makeup, hair, and even products for your baby!

One of the main things Arbonne taught me is to READ YOUR LABELS. You truly don’t realize what your putting in or on your body! All of the products in Arbonne are botanically based ingredients and are all cruelty free! Arbonne grows greener every day!

But back to why I am gluten free and chose Arbonne.. honestly I did take a chance but it completely changed my view and direction I was going in life with nutrition. I tried a couple of different fad diets, but of course not many worked or they did and then the weight just came back. But Arbonne was different. Not guna lie, a lot of people give me shit about being gluten free. But I stopped caring because it helps MY body! It’s your own choice to not do it and that’s perfectly fine! It’s knowing your research about foods and your body and reading your labels! I always will have cheat days because so many things in this world have gluten and I mean being on vacation can kill you too lol. PLUS I’M HUMAN. But sticking to it 80% of the time gives me my best results.

If you’re reading this I hope this might’ve given you a little more insight as to what Arbonne is. In my opinion it’s a business that changed a lot in my life and I am willing to pass the message on to those who are willing to take a chance! The great thing about Arbonne is not just the products.. it’s the people! I’ve never met a more driven, inspiring, and hard working group of people in my life! You never know, you could change someone else’s life by joining too! There’s no greater feeling than spreading the love and passion! Take a chance on an amazing opportunity, it was worth it for me.

Pure. Safe. & Beneficial.

Stay fruity,


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