Got Goals?

So me and my cousin Gianna have been going back and forth about things to blog about..

Let’s just say sometimes it’s hard to come up with something. HOWEVER there are TONS of things to blog about, you just have to dive deep.

Today I’m going to talk about “goals”. Now, goals honestly seems like a huge word to me. When I think of it I think of the FUTURE, which is true, however when I really think about it, like I am now, it can be something so small or it can be something so big. I also think that the word goals sounded a bit cliché at first especially because it gets tossed around person to person or all over someone’s social media. No one ever really thinks about them deeply. I put the word in quotes at the beginning of this because honestly a lot of people don’t actually take it seriously.. (Me for a long time)

A little over a year ago coming out of college or grad school my only goal was to really get a job.. I mean that’s what you’re supposed to do right? So I quickly applied and applied and applied. Finally I had found something I was so passionate about- kids. Shortly after a few months of working full time in an early childcare center and working side hustles as well, I thought- okay, now what?! Is this what it’s like the rest of your life? Now this is not saying my life was boring or that I was completely unhappy. But it REALLY got me thinking, is there more?

I have and always will be a hard worker. I fortunately grew up in a household that would always have my back and I never had to pay for many bills. But this DID NOT stop me from having work ethic. In fact, it taught me to be humble and appreciate even more what was around me. That’s something my parents taught me without even knowing it. It pushed me to new levels of determination and commitment. I transferred to three different colleges, worked three different jobs while full time in college, and somehow graduated my undergrad on time WHILE ALSO finishing grad school a year after. This is not meant to be a “wow, go Renee!” type of thing. It’s more to say that I’ve never stopped hustling because I want to reach for everything that life has to offer.

Flashback a little over a year, I started to look farther into my side hustle- Arbonne. Not the part where you make money or use the products. But the part where you set goals for your LIFE. I thought, “wow what the heck are my goals in life.. I am just a girl living in her twenties trying to get through her twenties broke af even working three jobs!” Obviously I thought about the future first, I want a house, husband, and children that’s for sure. But then I started to think about the present. What is your goal tomorrow? OR did you accomplish the goal you had today? Whether it be fitness, nutrition, at work, your friends, your family. It could be something as simple as writing down what you’re grateful for or an email you were going to send! I realized a couple months ago that I write an AGGRESSIVE amount of lists every single day. (Even my boyfriend jokes about it) For some people this may not be their thing. But for me, I could not survive without the notes on my phone or my agenda book. I’ve always been someone who stayed organized.. like I honestly have some serious OCD going on. But I embrace that! If it is helping me reach my goals than that’s perfect!

When I create these lists or when I create my goals I cross them off and write new ones! For me, it’s important to stay ahead of the game. No one is ever finished in this crazy life until God has decided for us! That is not meant to be morbid but to show you guys that “life is too short”. It really really is. If you have ONE THING in your life that you love the most, do it. If you have MULTIPLE THINGS in your life that you love, DO THEM. I was taught by many people that you should stick to one thing…. And you betcha I showed them that that is NOT how I’m going to live my life. I learned instead that it is OKAY to be passionate about many things and it’s OKAY to be different and do your own thing. I’ve always had this wild side that I can never really explain. I was never meant to do what society makes us do. And you guys, this can be true for you too!

Another thing I want to point out and end with is about my own goal to be kind. This can also get tossed around like some phrase. But really with what is happening in this crazy world we live in, there is nothing more fulfilling than to be kind to everyone around you. I believe that the more kindness you can spread the more life can offer you.

Thank you for listening and I hope this can inspire you to create more goals!!

Stay fruity,


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