Working from home… 

Damn, I never even thought I would ever be in the position of working from home!

This year has been a roller coaster of emotions and lot’s of twists and turns have been thrown at us. I’ve had a lot of people tell me that they enjoy working from home more than being in the office. I have to say.. I do agree! HOWEVER, there is a small part of me that still feels like I am missing something. I’m sure most of you can relate but I always feel like I am losing that human interaction more and more each day. That warm fuzzy feeling we are all longing for after what has happened this year with social distancing. Yes, it’s tough and can be draining, but there ARE things we can do to make this better.

One. Set your alarm and get up early to either move your body, read a book, or meditate. There are SO many things you can do to get your body alert to start your day off right! My favorite thing to do in the morning is practicing gratitude. I can’t stress this enough. There are SO many benefits to practicing gratitude. 

Two. Set up times to chat with friends or family online. Whether it be on Zoom, Webex, Googlemeet. There are so many platforms now – USE THEM! You could also do a social distance walk or hike outside! The colder months are coming so get your ass outside before it’s too late! Your sanity will only get better by chatting and catching up with your favorite people. Don’t be a ghost.

And three. IF you are working from home, set up a space that is just for you and to focus on yourself and your work. Most people will say this space is locked up in an enclosed area or bedroom. To be honest – that ain’t me! I decided to work from my living room and it’s been awesome. Besides the occasional dog barks and phone ringing (not sure why we still have a house phone..) But anyways, I’m loving it! See the bottom of this post for my newly upgraded WFH space! Aside from the physical space, my coworker this year has been my dad. I am only a room away from him and we can sometimes hear each other’s meetings, but I am okay with that! I am lucky to be able to have someone around to keep me sane during the week!

I do have to end with this.. I am definitely someone who is a homebody, I really love to hangout with my parents. If any of you know Walter and Phyllis, they are the shit. LOL but I also know my body needs to move around and stay busy! Get outside while you can and take time for yourself. This year is a great year to focus on yourself – heck, why can’t every year be that? IT CAN! What’s important to remember, is to keep waking up and pushing through your hard work. Don’t give up because of one crazy year. Find ways to keep your body active and to keep your mind HAPPY!

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