Piu Vino?

More wine? SURE WHY NOT.

Second time to Italy and what a trip it has been…

My second time in Italy is quite the story. I just want to start out by saying how lucky and blessed I am to have this life and for the people who are in it! Not many people get to travel the world often, so it’s amazing to have these opportunities.

Our family trip to Italy started out a little rocky not going to lie. Our airline lost my sisters luggage which is one of THE WORST things that could happen. Especially when you’re in another country! However, we definitely made the best of it. She actually ended up getting it shipped to her the 3rd day of our trip which is good!

Anyways, our first night in Rome (Saturday) was one to never forget.. just kidding we definitely forgot some things (too much wine yo). Me, Syd, my sister Lauren, and her boyfriend Matt got a suite with 2 balconies which was super nice. We all headed to the rooftop bar across the street for some Aperitivo and beverages! We then decided we would drink some more wine at our hotel… we bought 8 bottles for $40!! How crazy cheap is that? And for good wine! Lol. We then had my cousins friend, Lorenzo, meet up with us at the hotel for some wine! I visited him last time I was in Rome so it was nice to catch up with him again! We then ate at a nice hole in the wall place for dinner. (Lorenzo joined us as well!) We ended with some gelato near the Trevi fountain! (One of my fav spots)

The next day (Sunday) we got up, had some breakfast, and headed in a van down to Ercolano to visit the area that was dug up from Mount Vesuvius erupting back in 79 AD. Last time I came to Italy I had visited the Pompeii site so it was nice to be able to see Ercolano. So many interesting facts and history there! It’s incredible to discover the ancient ruins that are buried from so long ago. After the tour, we headed to Pompeii for a nice wine tasting at a vineyard that our driver Cheero recommended. It was called Medici winery. The people there were so kind and gave us all kinds of food with our wines! Highly recommend!

I would just like to point out that soo many people gave me shit for eating gluten free and were saying I would have a tough time on vacation sticking to it. HOWEVER, every place we went to has had gluten free. (I should probably move to Europe)

After our wine tasting we finally headed down to Sorrento where we would stay until Friday. Here is where more craziness comes in…

Turns out the hotel (Gran Art Paradiso) booked 8 people under one room when we were supposed to have 4 separate rooms with 2 people in each..


I’m not sure but the fumes coming from my parents eyes would certainly tell you that this was a huge mistake.

Well, obviously we still made the best of it and they booked us for 2 nights at another hotel down the street which wasn’t so bad with great views still. We then stayed the other 3 nights at the hotel we originally were supposed to.

To start the week (Monday & Tuesday) we relaxed & explored Sorrento and everything it had to offer. There was an amazing downtown with tons of shops and food of course. By now we are already overloaded with wine and pasta! Oh and of course gelato.

By the middle of the week (Wednesday) we had a van scheduled to basically drive us down and along the Amalfi coast. Now.. before I get into the incredible views and forget to mention it, this road is the smallest, narrowest, and probably most dangerous road to drive on. Now, Italy’s roads are all super narrow and they drive like maniacs and somehow don’t hit people or things. But this road was by far the craziest. But.. SO WORTH IT. This road led straight through Napoli, Amalfi, Positano, Scala, and Ravello. All of which we got to stop at. We first stopped in Scala for some lunch with an amazing view of the coast. Then we went to Ravello and got some gelato. Next was one of my favorites, which was Positano. The cutest yet smallest shopping area that led to a beach (a rocky one) that really allowed us to soak it all in.  After this long drive and tour of the coast, we ended with a dinner outside on the hotel terrace that was completely covered by the hotel because of the mess ups they had! It was delishhh.

Our last day/night in Sorrento (Thursday) was by far the best. We had a private yacht to the island Capri! This obviously felt SUPER BOUJEE and it was Lol. The weather worked out perfectly for us. They took us on a tour of the coast along the water pointing out certain ancient landmarks, then we headed to capri where we got dropped off to get lunch and do more shopping and sight-seeing. Turns out you have to fight for a taxi just to get driven to the area where you can do all of that! (picture me running to a taxi in a neon bathing suit waving money in the air at an old man, yup) But after all of that, on our way back we got to swim alongside the island! Yes the water was cold but nothing like back home. (you get used to it) We swam by some caves and saw tons of jellyfish (no one got stung) But this was so so fun for all of us to be able to do! Highly recommend that as well! That night we decided we would go to a restaurant several drivers recommended to us and it was called Ristorante Pizzeria Tasso. Obviously the food was amazing there too but had some weird ceramic artwork in there. Lol But the best part was after dinner..

Lauren & Matt got engaged!! Wooo!!

This was the cutest thing ever. After Lauren having such a crazy trip she definitely needed this. I’m so so happy for them and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for them, congrats guys! (So yes to all those who asked me a million times who would get engaged first, there u have it and no I didn’t know he was doing it lol only Walter did)

The next day (Friday) was a lot of travel. Leaving the Amalfi coast was sad but I was ready to see more! I highly recommend visiting the Amalfi coast the views were absolutely breathtaking! Anyways, Me & Syd headed on a train to Florence, Lauren & Matt headed home, Alex & Mike headed back to Rome, and my parents headed to Pescara to visit family and then also back to Rome!

While in Florence, I swear Syd and I scrambled to somehow fit everything into one day. After checking into our Airbnb, (Friday) night we decided we would explore around and visit the gardens that were there. Turns out WE TOOK A WRONG TURN and ended up walking ALL the way around the gardens down this random road (don’t recommend, this would only happen to us) Anyways that night we enjoyed dinner at La Buchetta which was basically a 5 course meal. They have amazing steak! We made friends with our server who also gave us recommendations on where to go.

(Saturday) we woke up and did a 3 hour walking food tour all around Florence! Our tour guide was the cutest Italian woman who showed us all the good spots and even the market! We then bought tickets to see the view of the Duomo which was this huge dome in the middle of Florence. The tickets to climb that were sold out so we bought some to climb the bell tower which was almost just as tall. Well, let’s just say this climb was crazy and that I don’t recommend if you are claustrophobic. However, the view up there was CRAZY NICE.

Later on we decided we would buy some wine and head to the Piazzale di Michelangelo where everyone watches the sunset and the view of the city. This view was also amazing and totally worth climbing all the stairs (in heels). (also drinking in the street there is okay and that’s awesome) That night we ate at a place called Zaza. This place was POPPIN, and I mean poppin. Thank god we made a reservation because it was an hour wait. There, we had another 5 course meal with more red wine. (I actually cheated gluten this day because it was my final day in Italy why not treat myself a little bit more) After dinner we decided to head back to get good rest because the next day we headed back on a train and back to the airport!

So yeah woah, after all of that we are now feeling bloated, inspired, and maybe a little hungover still. I kept saying that I think I just breathe red wine now. I mean really I don’t think I’ve ever had that much. But not only that, we also had loads of limoncello, prosecco, and aperol spritz! (which I have never heard of until now but it taste bomb) They also give out shots of limoncello like it’s candy lol.

Anyways, again I feel so blessed for this trip! It only makes me want to keep going back and I definitely will. Life is too short not to travel and see what this world has to offer. Thanks for reading yo!

(Oh and I forgot to mention that Matt almost got run over getting into a van picking us up andddd.. I got pecked by a pigeon)

Stay fruity,


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Change of course?

As mentioned on my business/fitness Instagram page, the main question I constantly get asked is “why are you gluten free?”… Aside from some of my friends being gluten free, about a year ago now, a special person cautiously reached out to me about an amazing business opportunity- to work for a business called Arbonne. At first, just like any person, I was skeptical about it. However, I took a chance and continued the conversation with her! She told me a little bit more about the business and asked if I would be interested in getting on a call with her friend. As busy as I was, I thought why not it’s harmless right? The next morning I got on the call and it was only about 20 minutes long. We chatted about our interests and current life goals/jobs. These kinds of things were things I loved to chat about. Having goals in life is huge and I think it really promotes work ethic.

After chatting I told them I needed time to think about it. And that was one of the main issues.. TIME.. and of course.. MONEY. Would I have the time for this or the money? At the time I certainly didn’t have the money for it because I had just finished Grad School and was looking for a teaching job. Instead, I decided I would first host my own Arbonne party because you can learn more about Arbonne and have fun with your friends and family!

After my party I realized that this was a business and program that was a perfect fit for my lifestyle. I’m a dance/fitness instructor and enjoyed being active and sharing my fitness lifestyle. I was also determined to start eating the right foods for my body so I immediately went for the 28 days to healthy living program Arbonne offers. Before starting, I struggled a lot with stomach problems for a while that no doctor could diagnose, so I knew this could be a perfect opportunity to maybe figure that out. Arbonne’s healthy living program asks for gluten free, dairy free, non gmo, no artificial flavors, color, sugars, sweeteners, plant-based, grass-fed, etc. The list can go on and it may seem overwhelming at first but it is ACTUALLY possible. Last Summer I did the full 28-30 days and lost 10 pounds! Since last year I am down 20-25 pounds from when I ended Grad School, holy cow!

The nutritional products aren’t the only thing Arbonne offers. We also offer skin care, bath & body, makeup, hair, and even products for your baby!

One of the main things Arbonne taught me is to READ YOUR LABELS. You truly don’t realize what your putting in or on your body! All of the products in Arbonne are botanically based ingredients and are all cruelty free! Arbonne grows greener every day!

But back to why I am gluten free and chose Arbonne.. honestly I did take a chance but it completely changed my view and direction I was going in life with nutrition. I tried a couple of different fad diets, but of course not many worked or they did and then the weight just came back. But Arbonne was different. Not guna lie, a lot of people give me shit about being gluten free. But I stopped caring because it helps MY body! It’s your own choice to not do it and that’s perfectly fine! It’s knowing your research about foods and your body and reading your labels! I always will have cheat days because so many things in this world have gluten and I mean being on vacation can kill you too lol. PLUS I’M HUMAN. But sticking to it 80% of the time gives me my best results.

If you’re reading this I hope this might’ve given you a little more insight as to what Arbonne is. In my opinion it’s a business that changed a lot in my life and I am willing to pass the message on to those who are willing to take a chance! The great thing about Arbonne is not just the products.. it’s the people! I’ve never met a more driven, inspiring, and hard working group of people in my life! You never know, you could change someone else’s life by joining too! There’s no greater feeling than spreading the love and passion! Take a chance on an amazing opportunity, it was worth it for me.

Pure. Safe. & Beneficial.

Stay fruity,



What’s your hair game?

Since middle school I’ve never settled for any one hairstyle. Growing up with a cousin that was passionate about doing hair, it became easy and fun for me to get my hair done!

Same with clothes, I like to change it up. If you know me I don’t always enjoy change, but when it comes to hair I DO. You could say I’ve had various lengths, styles, and colors but I think I’m still discovering new ways as my cousin reveals them!

So, who is my cousin exactly? Gianna Tenaglia and she’s worked her butt off to be where she is today. She now has her own place called Revival Salon in Stoneham, MA. She recently became an NBR certified stylist. If you don’t know what NBR is, it’s Natural Beaded Rows that are basically extensions that look and feel natural, no damage. Did I end up getting this? Obviously. I couldn’t help myself. This is my most recent transformation and it is pictured at the end of this blog!

Aside from NBR, I am beyond lucky enough to have a cousin who is patient with me and can transform my hair into ANYTHING I want and I mean anything people. Sometimes I think she’s a miracle worker. One day I want dark brown and then weeks later I want bleach blonde and she somehow makes it happen. If you aren’t a stylist you wouldn’t know that this takes A LOT of work. But because my cousin works so hard and enjoys new ways of doing things, I think she enjoys the challenge. A lot of the time I just tell her to do whatever she thinks is best because I trust her that it will always come out dope. (and it does)

I am a firm believer in putting your money somewhere that it’s worth. (Even though I shouldn’t spend $40 on a shirt LOL) But when it comes to girl priorities, my hair is something I think is worth it. I think spending my money on my hair in order for it to look good, be healthy, and make me feel good is worth every penny. Especially when it’s professionally done. I can’t tell you the amount of times I’ve gotten people complaining about how much they are spending or how much I spend on my hair. Well? Sorry people but if you want it to look this good, you need to change your priorities! Just make sure it’s somewhere that is going to put in the time and effort! I get a lot of compliments on my hair and really I just pass them along to Gianna!

A lot of people ask me how I do my hair daily. I’m sure many of you know but my favorite way to style my hair is curled. People ask what I use so here it is.. I use the BaByliss Pro Nano Titanium curling iron. It is size 1 inch because that’s the size curl I love the most! You can find it at Sally’s or Amazon! I will curl my hair in sections and leave the curls tight. It isn’t until the end, when my whole head is curled, that I then run my fingers through all the curls! It spreads and untightens them, giving it fluff and more volume! Obviously finishing with a little bit of hairspray. I use the luminous Moroccan hairspray! People might think this is a lot of work but when you do it every day you get used to it! It actually only takes me about 15 minutes!  

The last thing I want to mention about hair is that YOU NEED to keep it healthy. I’ve dyed my hair more times than I can count and you do not want it getting damaged. Using Moroccan oil has definitely changed the way my hair feels. I’ve also struggled with dry scalp especially in the Winter time. I usually rub a little bit of coconut oil on it and it helps for a while.

Changing my hair gives me a fresh start and makes me happy! (self-care people) I get excited to get my hair done because most of the time I don’t know what I’m going to look like walking out of there! But that’s comfortable for me. I know many people will say they need their hair the same way, and that’s cool! That’s awesome finding something you’re comfortable with.

Long story short, my hair is one of my top priorities and I enjoy getting it done! I have a talented cousin who makes me love it more every time I go! (Seriously, hit her up people!) …..So, what’s your hair game?

Stay fruity,


What’s in your closet?

So I’ve gotten several questions about my clothes, hair, lashes, makeup, etc. Today I’m going to talk about my clothes or my style you could say.

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Throughout elementary school, I never understood why all the girls wore bell bottom jeans and rolled them to their knees. I never understood why every girl in middle school needed a pair of Etnies or Phat Farm’s. Or how in high school every girl started wearing maxi dresses or even leather jackets. (I mean come on chafing in maxi dresses is BRUTAL)

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Now was I one of these girls? Absolutely. Almost everyone I know can admit to following a fashion trend especially when they’re younger trying to figure out who they are or who they want to be. As I went through college I began to realize I could wear whatever the hell I wanted when I wanted. Sure I could get ideas from the latest trends, I could get opinions from my roommates and friends, but what was most important was being able to feel GOOD in what I liked.

Let’s just say I don’t have any “one style”. You can find me anywhere from ripped jeans with vans or converse, high waisted dress pants with a turtle neck, or just workout leggings and a workout crop. I guess it all depends on my mood and the occasion, but really it’s pretty RANDOM.

Now to get into the details that everyone is really looking for.. where? My absolute FAVORITE store that I think gets underrated is Aerie. Aerie has become my go to place for just about everything but jeans. They have the cutest sweaters, shirts, joggers, underwear/bras, nightwear, etc. People think it’s mainly for bras and underwear but seriously check it out! Another place you would probably never think about for clothes is Amazon! I swear they have some really nice clothes and good quality! Just make sure to check the sizing before you order! As for workout clothes I go to many places that range from pretty cheap to pretty expensive. These places include Marshalls, Old Navy, Target, Lululemon, Athleta, and I swear by Booty By Brabants because they are the MOST COMFORTABLE LEGGINGS PEOPLE. Yes they have a weird texture but they never fall down and they are high waisted. (also Aerie has workout clothes!!) Now when it comes to brand name especially with shoes and workout clothes, I focus mainly on Adidas. You can find these either at the adidas outlet, Dicks, or Marshalls! I have grown to love this brand the most because, again, it’s the most comfortable. (and its cute!) I would also like to mention that when I have no idea what to wear one day… I look on Pinterest! They have so many different outfit ideas I love it!

The last thing I want to talk about (which anyone that knows me would agree with) is my BIGGEST weakness… SHOES. I know a lot of girls would probably admit to having this problem but seriously. I think I counted one day and I have almost 100 shoes maybe more. This has been my weakness almost my whole life. And now with a big girl job I have to REALLY stop myself from online advertising (because they know me so well) or just walking by a shoe store in the mall. It really is an issue and I’m working on it as best I can people. Anyways, I don’t even have any favorite kind or type of shoe because I wear so many. I have a million sneakers including Adidas, Nike, Vans, Converse. Others I have are Sperry’s, a million pairs of heels and sandals and boots. All of which come from various stores. I love finding something that’s “different” from the rest. I usually find randoms at Target or Marshalls! But the list goes on..

As I may see this as an issue, it’s also just straight up enjoyable. I f’n love shoes and that’s that. It may be an issue on my wallet… HOWEVER they’re what I love.

Wear what you love and love it on yourself. Be a punk. Be a girlie girl. Be a tom boy. Wear mom jeans. Be different. Be and wear what you want and feel comfortable in.

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Stay fruity,